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9 themes

Here are some of the main results from each of the categories discussed:


Equal access to education, irrespective of income or social circumstances | Emphasis on financial literacy and how society functions | Emphasis on ethics in education | added regard for practical and vocational training | an educational system where individuals can thrive


Guaranteed housing for families | flexible and balanced working hours | a community that recognizes that the family is the cornerstone of society | access to extracurricular activities to be guaranteed in the same way that basic education is | respect for senior citizens | targeted measures against bullying and other abuse | a community that supports the bridging of the age gap | 12-month maternity leave


Strong welfare system utilizing proactive preventative measures | equal access to health care, irrespective of income or social circumstances | strong social safety net for young and old | personal home-care for seniors | support for minorities | improved support for youngsters with drug-related issues | free dental care


Sustainable use of our own resources and green energy | more support for innovation | diversity in the economy | protection of fishing grounds| fair distribution of fishing rights and fisheries management | improved business ethics | use of resources for the good of the Icelandic nation | strong knowledge-based society instead of reliance on heavy industry | research and innovation to create strong alternative industries | support for small businesses and agriculture | processing of raw materials domestically | adjustment of public policy to support hothouse farming and changes to quota system


Formulate non-partisan comprehensive policy with emphasis on sustainable utilization, nature conservation and education | transparent utilization of natural resources | Iceland to be leading in sustainable utilization of energy | eco-friendly public transport | nature and resources owned by the Icelandic nation! | be the first country to power all cars and ships with green, domestic energy


Sustainable use of all resources | independent in energy needs | increase education & training to reduce reliance on imported energy | sensible use of resources to benefit all Icelandic residents | formulate realistic plan for efficient and sustainable use of resources | temporary tax breaks to boost use of green energy | sustainability and consumer ethics taught in schools | long-term benefits for subsequent generations


For Iceland to become a model of peace and tolerance | optimistic, powerful, independent nation and well-run society | participation in international community while retaining ownership of resources | Iceland’s wealth lies in culture and arts | Iceland as part of the EU | more transparency and new constitution | take responsibility and learn from experiences | stand unified guided by optimism, integrity and hope | independent democracy, outside the EU | non-biased discussion about EU membership | a stable currency and free media | emphasis on innovation and creativity


Communal responsibility | honest welfare society with equal rights irrespective of gender or location | respect for human rights and rights of children | equal opportunity and wages for all | community free of prejudice and bias | equal treatment of individual debtors and professional investors | Iceland should be one constituency where votes have equal weight | freedom of expression and gender equality | everyone equal before the law


Transparency [this word was in just about every suggestion handed in] | democratic administration that is free of corruption resulting from strong monitoring and judicial system | public referendum on the EU | responsibility of public servants | no selling of public resources or taxing of future generations | real democracy and more election forms | constitution created by the people | strong judicial system and monitoring of public bodies | ethical public servants who protect the nation’s natural resources!! | simplification and greater efficiency | stricter penalties for sex offenders | genuine division of power between executive, judicial and legislative branches Thanks again and hugs from the media-ant

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National gift handed over

“The purpose was to hear the voice of the people and we think that the results reflect that.” said Larus Ymir Oskarsson, one of the spokesmen of the National Assembly, which took place at the Laugardalsholl today. Before lunch the participants discussed which values the Icelandic nation should use to guide them and integrity topped the list. Next followed equal rights, respect and justice.

After lunch the future vision of our nation and society was constructed from certain pillars which the meeting had selected, such as education, family, economy, environment and equal rights. The results and all data are now accessible for further processing:

About 1,500 people participated in the meeting. The participants were divided into 162 groups, consisting of 9 people each. Larus Ymir said that the energy, joy, concentration and atmosphere at the meeting were phenomenal. “People were on fire”.

The idea of the National Assembly was conceived in June 2009 and 300 volunteers worked at the meeting on technical issues, information dissemination and other tasks.

Sincerity and positive attitude

Intense energy, sincerity and positive attitude characterize the National Assembly at Laugardalsholl today.
After lunch the participants concentrated on creating a vision for the future of our nation and this work is still going on. About 1,500 people are participating in the meeting.
Before lunch the participants discussed which values the Icelandic nation should use to guide them and integrity topped the list. Next followed equal rights, respect and justice.
The participants are divided into 162 groups, consisting of 9 people each. In addition there are 300 volunteers working at the meeting, on technical issues, information dissemination and other tasks.
Preparation for the meeting has taken five months. Its goal is to bring forth from the minds and hearts of Icelanders their hidden collective intelligence.

First Results from the National Assembly


Integrity is the value the representatives of the National Assembly considered most important for society. Equal rights, respect and justice follow. Next are love, responsibility, freedom, sustainability and democracy. The family, equality and trust are also high priorities.


This is the conclusion of the first discussion which started this morning in Laugardalsholl in Reykjavik. Almost 1,500 people from all parts of the country are participating. Spirits are high and participants and staff are focused on delivering good results for the country.


The participants are divided into groups working at 162 tables. Nine people are at each table and their first task this morning was to agree on values.


The work continues and the next results are expected around 2 PM today.

Photos from the National Assembly are available at:


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